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Purest Love
A Mercy Thompson Fanfic
The full moon had just set over the horizon and the Colombia Basin pack had gathered back at Adam’s home to regroup before heading to their respective homes after the full moon hunt. Adam was speaking with Darryl and Warren so Arielle decided to check in on Adam’s mate and daughter. She looked in on Jesse as silently as she could, realized the teen was just fine and quietly exited the room. She then she went on towards Adam’s room where his mate Mercedes, aka Mercy, was fast asleep. It wasn’t completely unusual for her not to participate in the hunt with the pack as she was a coyote and not a werewolf as they were and since they had new wolves it might have been for the best she stayed home. What concerned Arielle was the reason she had given for staying home. No one would have questioned her if she had said she was staying home since they were teaching new wolves and her being tired wasn’t an unusual thing with Mercy, she put in lo
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Forever Love
As Ben spoke I found myself feeling more and more like a complete jackass. How had I misread the guilt in her movements for fear? How had I been so blind? She needed me now more than ever and I was willing to walk away from her and let someone else handle it. To be honest the truth was like taking a kick below the belt and as much as I didn’t want to believe it the evidence was right there ready to slap me in the face as soon as I looked at it.
My heart began to shatter as he told me that Mercy wouldn’t even stand in his presence for her guilt even though to them since she’s my mate, she would rank far higher than Ben. It didn’t help to watch her skitter back and hide between the mattress and the wall, Ben had to stop me from fishing her out right then. Apparently there was more that I needed to hear before I could pull Mercy from her hiding place and take care of her the way I should have been from the moment I found out what had happened to her. It wasn’
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Scars (Romantic Theme Challenge)
Set post:“Burning at Both Ends”
PoV: Hayley
I enter the command center and sigh as I see Tommy asleep in his chair again, or at least I think he’s asleep, with him stuck in morph it’s hard to tell. The rangers have no idea what their teacher has been through in his life. If I were to be honest I don’t fully understand it either he doesn’t like to talk about his past, even to me.
Learning of the new evil ranger had been bad enough for Tommy to handle then learning his situation had made it even worse for everyone involved. Trent was a kind teenage boy not unlike what Tommy had been as a teenager before his life had been forever changed by the spell that turned him against everyone and everything he held dear.
The rangers are aware that he has scars on his mind and heart from being Rita’s puppet but they aren’t aware of the other scars on his heart, from Kimberly leaving, from Kat deciding it was in her best interests to cheat
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Jessie rolled over on her back unable to sleep; there was so much running through her mind. James had been severely hurt and it was only by her own quick actions that he was now going to be okay. She couldn’t believe how much James meant to her; she used to not let anyone in for fear of getting hurt. She did her best to keep a thick layer of steel around her heart but the thing kept breaking anyway.
She looked over at where James lay sleeping comfortably and let out a breath, he had protected her; no man had ever done that for her before. Then again he often did things she had never experienced from a male. There had been no defense against him, no way to keep him out, but then again had she ever really wanted to keep James out. He was so kind to her no matter how she treated him. She had given it a half-hearted attempt to push him away at first, but James never moved, never let her push him away, not completely. She wondered secretly why he ever put up with her and could find no
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Life and Trust (Himura Kenshin's Monologue)
Life is a precious thing
every day
I scold myself
for not realizing that so much sooner.
I often wonder
if I had would she still
be alive today?
My name is Himura Kenshin
I was once known
as Hitokiri Battosai
one of the most
feared assassins
during the Meji revolution.
I regret
every life I took
during that time
but none more than my
beloved Tomoe
the first one to see
beyond my bloody
and see the real me.
The years have gone by
but they do not cover
my regrets, but
doesn’t see the man I was.
To her
that past means little
and I love her for it.
The problem is she is so
so pure and innocent
I do not wish to touch her
to taint her purity
with my
bloodstained hands.
Her name is
Kamiya Kaoru
and I do not understand
what she sees
in me
I do not deserve
everything she is willing to
so freely give me.
Her trust
means more to me
then she could ever know
the trust with her
home, her body
most importantly
her LIFE.
I vow
with every fiber of my being
to make sure
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Family (Sango's Monologue)
its the thing we
hold onto,
the most precious thing
in our lives
the thing we want to protect.
Yet here I stand
My name is Sango
in the span of days
I experienced what no one should have to
the death of
everyone I knew and loved.
My father died by his
son’s hand
my brother
died in my arms,
after he was
as a puppet to kill
so many we held dear.
On my back
I carry a scar
from his failed attempt
to kill me as well.
The event that
brought him back.
The event
that lead to his death,
and what was almost
my death as well.
I am ashamed of that scar
ashamed of the
it represents, ashamed that I
could not save their lives.
I am hesitant to let anyone see
my back
see the hideous mark
that is left there from
my failure.
I am Sango
and I have vowed
on Naraku
for my family
for my people and for
my brother!
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Sango sighed as she crouched to the ground pulling her mask off and her hair down. Her eyes found the ground as the emotions of the past few days hit her like a ton of bricks. So many that she loved had died; her father, brother and everyone she ever knew and loved was gone. The tears started to flow unchecked down her cheeks and before she knew it her knees found the hard packed earth as the sobs came.
“Why?” she demanded through her sobs “Dad, Kohaku, why? Why were you taken from me?”
Her demanded questions were selfish and she knew it but she didn’t care, she was entitled to her selfish moment.
Inuyasha and his friends had offered to take her into their group, let her travel with them as they sought to destroy the same demon that had killed everyone she knew. She wasn’t sure she wanted to travel with them but it was better than being completely alone.
Sango was stunned when she felt someone embrace her, the smell of incense and sandalwood filling
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The Video Game
It was a rainy evening and Jonouchi was playing a recently released horror game. It had seemed harmless enough when he purchased it, a game set in a children’s pizza restaurant complete with animatronics, yeah; that seemed fine until one realized those animatronics were out to kill you.
Yugi was walking past when Jonouchi nearly jumped straight out of his chair spewing a stream of curse words.
“What happened?” he asked, “What are you doing?”
“I’m tryin to play that new horror game and I’m losing.”
“Which one…?” Yugi asked, as he was sure there were several horror games that recently hit the market. Sure he wasn’t much for horror games but curiosity was getting the better of him.
“5 Nights at Freddy’s” Jonouchi replied.
Yugi gave an involuntary shudder he had seen the previews of that game and some reviews that said it was one of the scariest games out there.
“You want to give it a shot
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Anzu gasped as the dark dome dissipated she knew that the winner would be the only one still standing and she prayed Yami would be the winner. She had heard horror stories about his opponent and his use of the shadow games against innocent people putting more than one person in the shadow realm.
The dome dropped completely and Anzu almost cried with relief as she saw Yami standing his left hand casually shoved in his pocket. She never could understand how he could be so casual after these fights, as if they weren’t stressful as hell. She started to run to him, Jonouchi attempted to stop her but she was too fast for Jonouchi to grab.
“Yugi…” she called out running to him
“Anzu…” he replied as she threw herself into his arms, tears falling down her cheeks.
“Yugi…” she started but fell into fits of sobs.
Yami held Anzu for several minutes as sobs racked her body. Jonouchi and Honda could easily see the pained look in his eyes as
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Because of You Chapter 5
Tommy sighed and looked at Hayley; he knew Kira was worried about her future. What would happen to her once the CPS case closed; no one had told her that, if she wanted it, things would remain as they were. She would likely lose him as a science teacher since she’d be in his house and there would be no way to prove she couldn’t cheat on her assignments or tests. It wasn’t as if she would do that or he would even allow it but there would always be those questions if she remained in his class.
“Are you okay?” Hayley asked.
“No… I don’t know” Tommy sighed, “I got a phone call this morning, Kira’s mom pled guilty to the charges. She said she was drunk but also said it was no excuse for her behavior and the judge is giving Kira two options emancipation or spend the next few months as a minor and with me.”
“Kira can’t support herself as required to be emancipated by California law.” Hayley protested.
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Because of You Chapter 4
Tommy pulled into his own driveway with a soft sigh then looked over to Kira who had dozed off somewhere along the way. He couldn’t very well blame her for being exhausted, the day had been long and apparently she hadn’t slept that well the night before. He understood that things were hard for her, a mom was supposed to be the person that protected her and, in Kira’s case, her mother had been the one to hurt her.
Kira woke when he cut the engine off, which saved him the trouble of waking her for a second time that evening. They entered the house and Kira headed to the bedroom she had used on occasion when circumstances forced the rangers to remain in the house. The assumed idea was this would become her permanent bedroom once they could get her belongings from her mother’s home.
Tommy went into the kitchen to work on grading papers only stopping at the bathroom to take his meds that he should have taken earlier. At this point it was hours late but even the docto
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Because of you Chapter 3
Tommy’s stomach was tied in knots as Paige got closer, he could only hope that he got the go ahead to take Kira home.
“Well I have good news and bad news, the bad news is there will be welfare check ins every once in a while but the good news is your request was approved Kira can stay with you until the trial and we will judge if she can remain permanently from there.”
Tommy let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding; he could deal with a social worker checking in as long as Kira was safe with him.
“That’s fine” he replied relieved that he was able to get approval so quickly.
Paige looked at Tommy as Claudia excused herself feeling that her presence was no longer required.
“She needs a lot of support, this could have a crushing effect on her self-esteem,” Paige sighed.
“I know but I’m willing to do whatever I can to help her.”
“She’s lucky to have someone like you in her life, it’s rare
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My New Glasses by imaginationqueen My New Glasses :iconimaginationqueen:imaginationqueen 0 0
Because of You Chapter 2
Kira sat in the back of the classroom doing her best to hide her face from Tommy. She had barely escaped him when she came in, but she figured she would have to face him eventually. She just wanted to do so on her own terms, not his.
Kira was, honestly, still reeling from the night’s events; her mother had gotten drunk before, but that night was the worst. She had come home plastered, and in a rage, she was looking for a fight, but Kira wanted no part of that. She tried to avoid her mom, but that only seemed to make things worse. Her mother had gotten in her face over something normally considered trivial, and before Kira could comprehend what was happening punched her in the face blackening her left eye and leaving a bruise on her cheek.
Kira’s math teacher Mrs. Sanchez was a very observant woman, and noticed that Kira was not acting like her usual self, but she decided not to bring it up in front of the class. Instead she walked over to Kira’s desk and placed a smal
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Because of Them
I don’t believe it
I don’t want to believe it
I know I was not a fan
of Lady’s Code.
I had never
even heard of them
until this tragedy struck.
Now, my heart goes out
to them and their families,
as do the hearts of
so many other Kpop fans
around the world.
They just said
to two of their own.
Two girls that they lived with
ate with, traveled with
they saw each other more often than
they saw their own families
and now these girls are gone
ripped from the world in an accident
that could have been prevented.
Then there are the moms
who had to
bury their daughters.
Moms are not meant to
outlive their children,
not like this.
I would not blame them for being furious
at the people
that they trusted their daughters’ safety to
the ones that put them
in that car
in that storm
at that hour.
The ones that should have known better
the ones that could have easily said
“we need these girls safe”
instead of “we need money”.
It is as
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Romance Theme Challenge: Why?
I look quietly as Tommy sits sipping on his coffee and wonder why anyone would give up a relationship with him. He is so kind, so giving of himself what would compel them to take advantage of that. Kimberly gave it all up to chase a dream with someone else, I have no idea how that turned out for her but I know it isn’t as bad as what happened with Katherine Hillard. Kimberly and Tommy they were at a cross roads and their fall was inescapable, a foregone conclusion that took time for them to come to. Kat, she had the world and she decided to throw everything in Tommy’s face and cheat on him, why? What did the bad boy jock she slept with have that Tommy didn't have, Tommy treated her a lot better than the other guy did and she not only had sex him but she also assumed that Tommy would miraculously forgive her for crushing his heart and seemed shocked when he said he’d never be able to trust her again.
I move to serve other customers but I can't stop wondering why he wen
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This weekend has been very difficult for me, it lead off with having to move. Then, just when it seem the worst of the weekend has past I get word that my grandmother, who was in the hospital, took a turn for the worst and passed away. She raised me from the time I was tiny and losing her is like losing my mom. It's really hard for me to focus on much of anything at the moment, I will start trying to post again with my Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega Series


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Info on Ep.15
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